Our Bali Adventure – Day 7

We were woken suddenly at 5am to a very loud frog IN our room, we ushered it back outside to the lotus pond and went back to bed. No early start or early checkout today -so we slept in a little and then made out way down to breakfast, checked out eventually and got picked up to be driven to go to our next resort. Hotel Komune in Keramas on the East Coast of Bali. We checked into our room (I was dismayed to find us on the second story, so more stairs!). When we left Ubud I thought I was saying goodbye to stairs, I was wrong.

Showered and got changed and ready for the wedding (let’s face it, it’s the reason we came). A lovely little beachside service, small and intimate, followed by a roaring reception under twinkling lights and stars, on a large wooden deck overlooking the ocean and pool area. Lots of drinks, Balinese food, and dancing, the usual mix of embarrassing and sweet speeches and a wedding cake made of donuts (sorry no pics). A late night to be followed by an early morning.

The photos are not brilliant, I only took my phone to the wedding, as there were four official photographers and a videographer, they certainly didn’t need me in their way.

~ Julz

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