Our Bali Adventure – Day 8

Wow, we have been away a week already, it feels like we have done so much. Even though it was a fairly late night, we rose early to catch our first Bali Beach Sunrise (due to the terrain we never really saw much of sunrise or sunset in Ubud), it was pretty but not magnificent. There was no -one around and we mostly had the beach to ourselves. I had a stray dog come up and sit near me, obviously lonely and just wanted the company (there are a lot of dogs in Bali, that have no real home, I think). We watched the sun come up out of the ocean and went back to bed for a few hours.

The post-wedding brunch followed as well all sat around and relaxed. Some headed off home or to other locations, we stayed put. This was our day, a day of total relaxation. We walked the beach with our cameras, photographed the surfers for a while, then headed back to our room with our private balcony and infinity pool.

We swam, lounged around reading, we even ordered room service (that is something we never do!) Everything is so cheap here, so why not? We then had a 60-minute massage, followed by more relaxation and swimming (we even fooled around with the underwater camera). Then finally joined the few remaining guests, for a long enjoyable dinner. Unfortunately later that night I was rather unwell, as well as a few other wedding guests had been too (we found out later), including the poor Bride.

~ Julz

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