Our Bali Adventure – Day 9

We slept in and had a long breakfast before check out and the quick drive to our next resort, approx 20 minutes; the Mara River Safari Lodge – OMG! What a treat, this Resort is next door to the Bali Safari & Marine Park and we had unlimited access! So close to the animals; white tigers, orangutan, Sumatran tiger and much more. The Marine Park is due to open 2018, but the rest was superb! We also saw Komodo dragons & piranhas, more birds, bearcats (Binturong) and Sumatran Elephants. Our room overlooked the Zebra and Rhino enclosure and carrots were left in a bowl for us to feed them, we could through food out from our balcony to get them closer. We even had this whole outside bathroom thing going with big windows and skylights.

We only had one day & night here, so we needed to make the most of it, the resort was outrageously expensive, even by Bali’s standards, but such an experience. We saw so many animals and so many up so close, it was humbling and thrilling. After tearing around the park for most of the day, we then headed for the pool, also overlooking the zebra paddock, and has a bar IN the pool!

We then did a night safari tour in a caged truck, not so good for photos (sorry about the poor quality), but WOW! We had two tigers eat food from the cage and on top of the truck, they had just got out of their pool and were dripping water all over us! We also got to feed elephants and zebra and bison.

We then got to watch a fire dance show and have a BBQ buffet dinner, we then walked back to our hut, watching some of the animals at night, then fell asleep listening to the wonderful animals, we could even hear the lions and zebras, but mostly it was frogs and cicadas.

~ Julz

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