Our Bali Adventure – Day 10

Those night noises got quite loud (at Mara River Safari Lodge), to the point, it was difficult to sleep, mostly the frogs, with an occasional lion roar (usually as you were drifting off), well it sounds a bit more like a cough really, and the zebras make a sound like a donkey – sort of. Anyway, we rose early and went down for breakfast, with lions and meerkats and a very shy hippo (actually never really saw the hippo). They brought out a bearcat who really took a fancy to me, and climbed all over me, at 15kg Missy was quite heavy 🙂


We also got to watch another elephant close up (again) and the meerkats play; that’s always fun. We fed a few wilder beasts, zebras and ostriches off our balcony while we had a cup of coffee, no giraffes today, but such an amazing and unforgettable experience.

We were picked up about 10am and driven to the seaside town of Sonur (Not that we got to see much of it) and dropped off at the Rocky Fast Boat offices for our boat trip out to Nusa Lembongan Island. It was quite an adventure to be loaded into a bus and driven out to the beach and that is all it was, a few boats anchored a few feet from the sand.  We were ushered into a Balinese Hut which sheltered us from the hot sun, while we watched them carry our bags and camera gear out to the boats and put on board (Truly terrifying). Then we all had to walk out to the boats (about mid-thigh deep) and climb aboard (yep we got wet, again). Yes, it was Rocky and Fast, we got to the island in about one hour, and reversed the whole thing in slightly deeper water. We and all our gear were then loaded into the back of a jeep type thing and driven through the streets to our resort, WOW again! Pure luxury.


What a way to finish off our holiday, Private walled off Villa, with a quiet enclosed pool, and spaciously well-appointed rooms, huge shower. We stripped off and walked straight into our pool to cool off. We then went and had a yummy lunch by the beach and organized a driver for an island tour for the next day. We followed this with a walk, but apart from the resorts, hotels and sports bars, there really wasn’t much around. So we decided to spend the afternoon in the pool and relaxing in our room or patio.

The sunset we watched from the restaurant while having dinner and drinks, a walk along the beach after dinner to see the lights along the coast. Really needed to bring the big cameras to dinner tomorrow night!


~ Julz

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