Our Bali Adventure – Day 11

Our last full day here in Indonesia & Nusa Lembongan is truly wonderful. We got picked up for a drive around the island (it’s not a very big island). We stopped at Panorama Point, where we got a wonderful view of the beach, Dream Beach, and The Devil’s Tear. Lots of building work going on (I think Dream Beach will be a new hot spot for tourist in the years ahead).

After spending quite some time trying to capture waves crashing against rocks, we eventually went back to our villa, for a quick dip in the pool and then headed over to Mickey’s Sports Bar – full of Aussie memorabilia for NFL, AFL and more. We sat alone and had quite a few drinks, a burger and watched the traffic pass us by. Then back to the villa for yes you guess, another swim. We barely used the public pool or the beach, we had our own private and secluded pool for a morning, afternoon and evening swims, not big but great for cooling off. We completed our Holiday with another massage and then photographed sunset at the resort Bar & Grill, right on the beach, with our feet in the sand, cocktails in hand. Such a wonderful way to end our trip.

We did some long exposure shots by the pool and on the beach, then back to the villa to repack and get ready for our early morning pickup, with a return adventure on the boat.

~ Julz

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