Our Bali Adventure – Day 12

We woke early, had a lovely buffet breakfast and packed up the last of our stuff, we were collected from the lobby and wound our way through the streets back to the bay for the boat. Forwarned was forarmed, right? We had on clothes and bathers and thongs (flip flops) for quick removal and easy drying, got a little wet getting in the boat, about as much fun on the way back, one hour of some people looking very sea sick πŸ™‚

When we arrived at Sonur, I was trying to get off the boat when some gentleman decided I needed a hand, he grabbed my arm and he knocked me off balance and both of us fell in the water, I got a soaking, thankfully Hubby was still holding all the camera gear! Wet and dripping we were dragged with all our luggage by foot back to the offices, where we would be collected for our final drive to the airport. I don’t know if you have much experience walking around in dripping clothes and wet, sandy feet in thongs (flip flops), it’s slippery, add that to my natural born clumsiness and yes, I trip or slipped and fell! Ouch! Banged up my knee and stubbed my toes so bad I initially thought I had broken it (also wrecked my pedicure!), bruised, battered and embarrassed I hobbled the rest of the way. I think it was mainlyΒ my pride that was injured, but days later my toe is still throbbing (But Doc has looked and he doesn’t think it is broken either) 😦 We got changed into dry clothes and waited for our ride.

Our return trip was uneventful, checked in at the airport, caught our flight, flew into Melbourne, Eldest daughter at the airport to meet us, drive home, arrive about 1.30am and cuddled all animals and then fell into bed.

I don’t even have any pictures for this day, it was just go, go, go and a throbbing sore foot! It was certainly an adventure and an interesting trip. I have now had an initial run through of all the photos, as you have seen. There are still hundreds more I have not posted, perhaps over time I will post a few more here and there, then there is the art I am sure I will make, have already done a few.


JuliePowell_White Heron-1
Original Photo by Roy Powell

JuliePowell_White Tiger-1

I hope you have enjoyed our Bali Adventure, so now life will go back to normal, for a little while at least, the end of the year is fast approaching and then I have lots already booked in for next year, including our next big adventure…but more on that later.

~ Julz

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