Monday Musings

Yesterday marked three years on WordPress, isn’t that something? Such a journey of discovery and some of you have been with me for most, if not all of that…Thank you!

Things are pretty much back to normal after our holiday, I am feeling a bit brighter and we are currently having a lovely warm Spring spell of weather, short-livedΒ I fear, but you have to make the most of what you get.

Friday night was a girls night, a few of us, some neighbors and such got together for a cloths party and a few drinks and a lot of girl talk. Relaxing and fun. Retail therapy in a home environment πŸ™‚

So Saturday, we headed into the city to get a new lens for Hubby’s camera, he got the new camera just before we went away, but now needs a new lens to go with it (Cropped Vs Full Frame – for the photography people), then he took me out for lunch, lovely to sit and eat and watch the goings on in the inner city. We also did some retail therapy in the afternoon.

On Sunday, well it was time for our annual trek out to Yarra Glen to visit Alowyn Gardens, and as per usual we took my friend Sue.Β  She is not into photography much, but takes along her little point and shoot, she loves flowers but mostly the cut variety πŸ™‚ but every year it is something we do together, wander the beautiful grounds, it smells divine and the flowers are gorgeous to look at and photograph. We do however have really bad luck with the wisteria arches, we are either too early or too late to see them in full bloom, today they had badly faded and were almost spent 😦 but there are so many other beautiful blooms to look at. Of course, we always finish it off with a cafe latte and something yummy for brunch! As a fun comparison I took 170 photos, Sue took 12! But we always enjoy just wandering at our own pace and catching up.

I will do more on these beautiful gardens, soon, as everyone enjoys them so much.

~ Julz