Spring Outings – Alowyn Gardens

Its Spring and we got a small burst of warm weather and sunshine, already quite late in the season, but our yearly trek to Yarra Glen was overdue. We have been going for several years now, Alowyn Gardens is a wonderful garden and nursery in the Yarra Glen hills, amidst wineries and farmland. Our last few years we have taken my friend Sue, who is not a crazed photographer like us, but still, she takes her little point and shoot, and when the mood takes her, snaps a few shots….I think I took 170 images and she shot 12! Sue and I both love flowers, but more often than not the cut variety, loving flowers does not make you a green thumb!

We had a leisurely drive, catching up on current events and family, arriving just as the gardens opened at 10am, spent a wonderful few hours meandering our way through, no hurry, no rush, we have been here many times. However, we always seem to miss the Wisteria Arches in bloom, either too early or too late…this time too late. Most were terribly faded. One day, I will make just at the right time. So many photos, but still just a fraction 🙂

Of course, we finish with a coffee and cake, well scone actually, and it was lovely and relaxing…some days we meant to be enjoyed.

~ Julz