Monday Musings

Sorry, running a bit late this morning, needed a bit of a sleep in after yesterdays’ massive shoot, but more on that later. I am right in the middle of another long weekend, yay! Tomorrow is the Melbourne Cup (Horse Race) and a Public Holiday, but my work always has shut down the day before…love it! I am not overly interested in the actual race, but 4 days off at this time of year, when it is not too hot or too cold and currently no rain.

Saturday was pretty much about prep for yesterday’s An Addams Family Wedding, to be honest, this has been months in the making, sourcing models, costumes, props and so much more. I have barely had time to look through all the photos, so many characters, so many photographers! Here is just a few…

BTW, that’s my MOTH as Gomez, he shocked us all by shaving the goatee beard on Saturday Morning, I am still trying to adjust. He does make a handsome Gomez though, doesn’t he?

I really don’t have much else to say, I need to finish going through all the images, but I also have a fabulous shoot later today, but more on that later too.

So just a short post for today, more soon, I promise;

~ Julz