Mondays Musings

Sorry, I am running a little bit late, it has been a hard couple of days for us. I am sure you remember our boy Buddy?


He has spent the weekend being very ill, he is currently under supervision at the animal hospital, they are still performing tests, but currently, they are not altogether sure exactly what is wrong. Suspecting some sort of obstruction or blockage in the bowel. Between running around after him and cleaning up the mess the poor boy has made (bloody diarrhea from one end of the house to the other), I really have not had a chance for little else. I feel like I have suffering Deja Vue, we went through something similar with two other dogs, Tish & Dewey, so many years ago, they did not end well 😦

So please spare him a thought for today and send him some healing energy. He sorely needs it. I will keep you updated when we hear more over the next few days.

~ Julz