Update on Buddy

Firstly, thank you to all my friends for their lovely words of hope and support on hearing our boy Buddy was very unwell.

He is home and comfortable and doing quite well. Multiple blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound and various lab tests showed no nasties; toxins, infection, poisons. His kidneys and liver all OK, his heart murmur (Standard King Charles Cavalier problem), about normal (for him). He was severely dehydrated and had bloody diarrhea, which was concerning. As well as extremely labored breathing and very tender tummy area.

He went from happy Buddy boy the death’s doorstep in 24 hours, it was quite scary. The weather is not even really very hot yet, but it is a reminder to keep an eye on aging people and pets in the warmer weather. The Vet thinks Buddy ate something that upset his tummy (we may never know what it was) and it gave him diarrhea (he has a sensitive stomach anyway), but instead of getting over it, he stopped drinking and eating and just made himself worse. The more dehydrated he got, the less he could fight it off. It just became the perfect storm. So he was put on a drip and given pain relief and prodded and pocked, till he decided it was time to get better and come home.

He had a restful night last night and has had some breakfast, I will stay with him today, as it will be very hot and I don’t want him outside, alone. He is also back with all his friends and family.

He is tired and it will take a few days to recover, but there should be no ill effects.

Oh and the house……….yes it was disgusting, but a good clean up and it looks like nothing untoward happened. Another thing fretting Buddy was the mess he made inside and lack of control he had…..he is such a clean dog and making a mess inside upsets him dreadfully.

So again, thank you, everyone, for your kind thoughts and words and “Woof” from Buddy

~ Julz, xo