No, it’s not mine, but perhaps it should be? My eldest daughter came home recently with her first tattoo, it’s not an issue, I have a few and so does my other daughter. She is 26, it’s her body, her wallet, her problem πŸ™‚ …..but I do like it and it sums her up well, often traveling overseas and often on her own. She has no partner, no house, no bills, just her car and her dog (Buddy is actually hers, but ours at the same time if that makes sense, especially when the vet bills add up).


This wanderlust, it’s hereditary, she gets it from me, I got it from my Mum and she got it from her Dad, where he got it from? I don’t really know, but it goes a far way back in the line from tales told. Great explorers, a tradition carried on from Father to daughter and so forth.

I did stop for a while, small children, not enough money. We could have camped more often, but it’s difficult with a family and I prefer glamping to camping πŸ™‚ I’m all for hiking and exploring and getting hot and dusty and messy, but I like to have a nice shower and clean clothes, a comfy bed and somewhere nice to eat at the end of it. Possibly that’s why we do so many day trips, I get to come home to my lovely home at the end of a full day exploring.

And I am not alone, looking at Facebook and WordPress and various other Social Media outlets, many people I follow like to do the same, and I know lots of people who follow me are similar or would like to travel, but no longer can, so through my blog, they get to explore with me. And that is pretty cool too.

So cheers to all the people with Wanderlust, my daughter now has it permanently inked on her wrist to remind her or places she has been and things she has done, to new places to explore and adventures still to be had.

~ Julz