Spring Outings – Australian Gardens

I know I have been here with you before, almost as many times as Alowyn Gardens, becoming quite a Spring tradition. This year I took Moth, as he has not been in perhaps 10 years and never with a camera. Australian Gardens is part of the Melbourne Botanic Gardens, but not the lush, green tropical oasis in the heart of the city, this is an arid bushland garden in the SE Suburbs of Melbourne, there are a large manmade lake and the water play area, which was very busy by lunchtime. We are perhaps a month too late to see it in its true glory, the avenue of gum trees must have been something this year, judging by the number of gumnuts still on the trees! Still, it is lovely to take the time to just meander through the various garden areas. There is now also a vast wetlands area, but we did not have time to do both today and it was also quite hot, a few hours was plenty. I guess there really is not too much more to say, we met some photography friends, strolled the grounds, then met up for lunch and coffee. I will leave you with some images.

All shot on the Sonya7ii with an 18-200mm Sony lens, ISO100, random F/stops and shutter speeds. I hope you have enjoyed our little stroll around Australian Gardens this week.

~ Julz