Mondays Musings

So busy, barely time to catch my breath. Five photoshoots in eight days, still editing and sorting through all the images, so not much to show you yet. My shoot on Saturday involved a trip up to Warburton in country Victoria, for the ancient Redwood Forest. We were originally planning on shooting there on Sunday as well, however, a large storm front moved inΒ on Saturday afternoon and we ended up shooting that one in the studio.

Entrance to the forest
my assistant, Liam
The canopy
New growth


Wilbur the traveling Wombat

We even remembered to take Wilbur the traveling Wombat, it’s part of a competition for Tourism Victoria, you take photos of him wherever you travel (even Bali) and tag it on IG, we have already won one weekend away at a BnB! Once we finished our shoot, we just did some normal landscape photos in the magical redwood forest and then headed into town for lunch and a touch of antique shop hunting, or treasure hunting if you prefer, I only found a couple of small items. This week is going to be a little quieter, our last quiet one before Christmas, I cannot believe it is almost December already, although we already have the Summer heat, I think we just had our 10th day over 30Β°C, and some warm nights in there too, sleepless warm nights in some cases.

I am looking forward to catching up on some editing, shooting is all very nice, but it’s not a finished product until it’s been edited, and in some cases, that is where the magic is. I am also looking forward to a little RnR, been busy at work and in the studio, so some much needed me time this coming weekend, maybe we might even go for a drive.

That is about it, I need to get back to work, I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead.

~ Julz