Share Your World – 28th November 2017

Another week another SYW from Cee, can you believe November is almost over?

Would you prefer a reading nook or an art, craft, photography studio? I am very lucky, over the years I have done various arts and crafts and have always had a studio to work in, I have currently converted our garage into a Photography studio, but if the mood grabs me and I want to paint or create, I can pull out and set up a trestle table and do that too, I have the room and most of the supplies. I do not keep my camera equipment there, it is stored safely in my office, where I do all my editing.

Tell how you are feeling today in the form of a weather report. (For example, partly cloudy, sunny with a chance for showers, etc.) Clearing early morning fog, sunny outbreaks, with the chance of thunderstorms and rain (that is all dependent on the day I have!).

If you could witness or physically attend any event past, present or future, what would it be? I try to live with no regrets, what is, is what is. I have been lucky and mostly lived a fortunate life (apart from health concerns) so I won’t look to the past. I would love to be present in the future, in a world without crime, starvation, war, and disease. I honestly doubt it will happen in my lifetime, but one can always hope. 🙂

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. I am very appreciative of modern-day conveniences and such, but let me explain. On Sunday, as I was putting my camera on my tripod in the studio for an afternoon studio session, my camera fell off the tripod and onto the concrete floor, BAM! Just like that, I must not have clicked it into place properly. There lay my camera on its side, seemingly unhurt – Miraculous. I and my model, Jayde, just stood there and stared at it, silent. Eventually, with my heart skipping a few beats I bent down to pick it up. I checked it out, all seemed good, no shattered lens glass, no marks or scratches. It turned on and took a picture…but then I noticed the focus was off…oh no! So here is where my appreciation comes in, firstly I grabbed my Husbands camera (making sure it was secure on the tripod!) and finished my shoot, no harm, no foul there. I then tested my camera some more, changed lenses etc, still a slight focus issue, man they make these cameras tough! So I packaged it all up, nice and safe and sent it to my camera doctor, after calling to tell them my poor Nikon was on its way. I called the Courier, who arrived about one hour later to drive it to the other side of town. I made a small blessing to the camera gods, fairies, angels, whatever that my baby is OK and fixed with minimal fuss and cost, I do have insurance if worst comes to worse. I am not so precious about my cameras these days, this one is a good sturdy workhorse for the studio, I still have two others I can use and of course I have my new beloved little Sony. So I am not without a camera. Hopefully, I will hear back the results in the next few days.

So please think good wishes so my little angel friend will be kind. Karma and I have an understanding, I have been good, so hopefully, she will be kind. I may not get what I want, but hopefully, I will get what I need.

Without solid workmanship, my camera would be toast. Without a camera doctor, my camera would be toast and I would be up for another camera. Without Insurance, the cost of the said camera would hurt even more. Without Mobile phones, I could not have arranged the camera doctor nor the courier. Without the Courier, I would have to drive all the way to Collingwood myself (eek!), without my wonderful Husband I would not have had the other camera to work with. I think that sums it all up!

So I hope you all have a great week, and it started off slighter better than mine 🙂

~ Julz