In the Studio – Steam Punk with Jayde Helena

As promised many months ago, I finally got Jayde Helena (from The Secret Garden Shoot)  back in the studio again, this time we wanted to create some more Steam Punk Magic, it’s something I have always wanted to play with and now I have done three different shoots this year, such fun…I must do more.

We also had Greg with us this week, and Moth was also shooting in my studio, with me for the first time. I cannot say we worked like a well-oiled machine, perhaps more like a creaky one. I am frequently just shooting one on one in the studio and having more people to shoot and be mindful of, does take some getting used to.

I wish I had gotten some of the behind scenes shots, but there really wasn’t any, Jayde came with hair and makeup done, quick change and straight into it, minimal setup and staging too.

I am doing another shoot with Jayde again shortly, but a different theme, more on that later.

~ Julz