In the Studio with Gemma Tricks

I have another new model (well new to my studio) to introduce you to, Gemma Tricks. Gemma just moved near me locally and she contacted me a little while ago about working on something together. Gemma is a circus performer; a contortionist, a fire breather, a hoop twirler, she does modeling and is also an awesome clothes designer. Add that to a very sweet and lovely lady, what’s not to like, right?

As per usual, when I am working with someone for the first time, I tend to think on my feet, I am not sure how they react to the camera, direction, how they move, facial expressions etc. Gemma said she had this great new Elf costume (silly me I was thinking Lord of the Rings, Cosplay, not Christmas Elf!), she did mention a candy-striped hula hoop……that should have been my first clue, but seriously if you saw her usual costumes you would understand!

But all good, we did some cutesy stuff, some portrait work, something a little fun and flirty as well. I kept thinking Elf on the Shelf too. It was one of those magic balmy warm Spring nights, and the sun was still up, so we did some natural light shots first, in the garden, before heading into the studio, we kept all the doors and windows open, it was just so lovely…til the bugs came!

Even though the end of the year is wrapping up super fast, I must try and arrange another studio session with this lady, so much to offer and I have so many ideas.

~ Julz