Monday Musings…

I am exhausted, a huge week at work, last week, followed by a huge weekend. After spending Friday evening booking flights and hire cars etc, for our trip to Brisbane to see our youngest daughter and her Husband, and then vegetating on the couch in sheer exhaustion. We were up early and running around on Saturday, things to do and presents to buy, Christmas is just around the corner.

We then met some photography friends in the city for an evening shoot at Webb Bridge in Docklands (Melbourne), not much of a sunset, not that we could see much of it from our viewpoint, but did get some lovely reflections in buildings and of course, once it gets dark, Melbourne really shines.

Even ran into a very familiar boat in the bay…some of you may recognize her, no-one on board.

JuliePowell_Webb Bridge-3

So we spent a pleasant evening with friends, then headed into Carlton for late night pizza, and finally home and crawled into bed, well after 1am. We had another early start on Sunday, where we met more photography friends for a specially arranged tour and an access pass to Jack’s Magazine; an old ammunitions factory in Melbourne, not normally open and accessible to the public.

After spending several hours here, we met up with even more people from our group for a wonderful Christmas dinner and Kris Kringle present exchange, lots of laughter, a few drinks and some great company. We eventually headed home, food shopping, dinner, a quick edit of a few photos and then get to work.

I have 3 weeks holidays coming up and I am so looking forward to them, especially going to see my baby girl, meet her new puppy and kitten and spending a week exploring that part of the world.

I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz