Summer Outings – Webb Bridge

Weather in Melbourne is a little funny at the best of times before we hit December 1st (Summer), we had something like 10 days over 30 in a row, it hit the first day of Summer and it was cold wet and miserable, we had a 100 year storm that battered every corner of the state with severe flooding in some areas. It then rained on and off all week, Saturday morning was still drizzling, but by lunchtime that had stopped and the clouds disappeared, the sun came out and it was a glorious afternoon. Feeling a little cabin fever, a few photography friends had decided to shoot that evening in at Docklands in Melbourne inner city, along the Yarra River, and Moth and I were invited to go along too. It had been a huge week, but I have not picked up a camera in over a week!

We drove into Melbourne City and we met up with the others and wandered along the promenade and took photos of the boats, the skyline and anything else that took our fancy. I was hoping to get a bit of a sunset, it’s been so long. But alas, it was not great and we could see little of it from our viewpoint. We did get a little colour and reflection in some of the highrise windows, and just enough to make the water sparkle.

Mostly we were waiting for dark, that’s when all the lights come on and in particular the Webb Bridge, which is something of a landmark in Melbourne, it is wonderful when all the LED lights come on at night, we had seen photos of it before, but Moth and I have never been there. So we wandered around the area and inside the bridge at our leisure, in small groups, chatting and snapping away. It was a lovely evening, even though it cooled off enough to require our coats after dark, but it was mostly calm and still. Moth and I even remembered to take AND use our Crystal Ball, and I spent a quick 5 minutes with it at the end, you can see more shots here from my Regular Random.

Finally, we all said our goodbyes and made our way back home, but not before Moth and I went to Lygon Street for a late night pizza…we did not have dinner before heading into the city and were very hungry. We eventually made our way home about 1am and fell into bed exhausted. Lots of walking up and down Docklands will wear you out.

With the weather picking up, hopefully, we can do some more small trips in the coming weeks, and we are now spending New Year’s Eve with my Daughter and Son-in-law in Brisbane, so lost more to explore there too.

~ Julz