Friday Fiction – Ashes to Awakenings

Just as the Pheonix is born from the ashes of what it once was, so does new life, new love. Rebirth, in all it’s many forms take us from one plane of existence, or adventures, to the next.

Wrapped in a cocoon of safety from the Black Raven of the Forest, her spirit guide, she is cradled with safety and security, until she is ready to step forth herself. From the ashes of heartbreak and lost love, she rises up from the ashes of her old life and from the nest of something much safer. New Beginnings are always terrifying, the unknown can be a heady mix of exciting and bewildering and scary. Nothing is set in stone and you find the strength and courage to move on to new beginnings or to stagnate and rot in the past. Just as a dead body decays after its passing from life unto death, so too can the soul if we cannot find the fortitude to move on.

Being lifted up out of one’s loss and loneliness is something that we all must go through, at some point. Often more than once. Human empathy is something we should all seek and strive to gain and understand if there is to be any hope of a future for mankind. Is that the crux of the problem – Mankind? Women, in general, are thought to feel more and suffer more than men, or is that just how it is perceived? I always loved a line from the Jurassic Park movie

“God created dinosaurs, God destroyed dinosaurs. God created Man, Man destroyed God. Man created dinosaurs, dinosaurs eat Man. Woman inherits the earth.”

~ Michael Crichton

So if Woman inherited the earth, would she put a stop to all the violence, all the crime, murder, war? Would her empathy save Humankind or is that a misconception? When her wrath can burn down forests and tear down buildings, can she be trusted any more than Man?


JuliePowell_Ashes to Awakenings
Ashes to Awakenings


~ Julz