Friday Fiction – Wiccan Love Spells

Set on the edge of a mystical forest, she sets about creating an anti-love spell, of sorts. So hurt, was she by a man, can she ever trust again, can she allow herself to find another love again?

She searches through her lore and finds a love spell and another to dispell love and keep all at bay. Which should she choose? This is not her, not her life, not her choice, She loved a man and he broke her into tiny unrecognizable, undefinable pieces, she should choose, live or die this way. She is Wiccan, she is Woman, Sisterhood of the Moon. She is intelligent and strong, brave and courageous. She is not normally so indecisive. Is it her pain and torment holding her back, perhaps she should cast a love spell for herself and cast a hex against him?

For centuries, women of a certain talent were hunted down as witches; drowned, burnt at the stake, did these heathens not seek the help and counsel of a Wiccan woman when it pleased them?JuliePowell_WiccanLove Spells

Were they so unlovable, these Wiccan women? Did men not find folly in their cruel hurt and misdeeds? Their beauty is not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. But, that beauty can be turned cruel, by callous acts of cruelty themselves. These women help and heal the lost, the lonely and the sick. They help where their help is needed and often for little or no recompense, only to be cast out at the first sign of trouble or ‘witchcraft’. There is no good without bad, you cannot have one without the other. When people mess with things they do not understand, especially earth lore, they lay the blame at someone’s else feet.

It is no different with this story, a man pursued her for her youth, her beauty, she was young and trusting. In a tale as old as time, he told her fabrications and stories untrue. Once he was finished with her he spread lies and was cruel and unkind, his wife was even more so, isn’t that just the way. The witches of old from Salem would have cursed or hexed him (or worse) before they themselves were burned for witchcraft. It is rumored in some backwater parts, this still occurs. Today people are more lenient about Wiccan ways, for the most part.

Still, what should she do? It is said that the hate and burning for revenge if carried for too long turns the soul cruel in itself, she pictured the bitter old crones that often pass for witches and wondered what happened to them to make them so cruel and hard? Alas, perhaps she should just hex him with boils and a belly ache and be done with it, why should she suffer for his hate crimes? It is possibly not his wife’s fault either, she may be a simple victim in all this too.

She stirs the mixture in her cauldron and wonders whether to add Bay leaves for love and prosperity or Bella Donna to keep it at bay. It is a dilemma as old as time, to forgive and forget, or seek revenge?

~ Julz