Star Wars – The Last Jedi

OK, so I am a little behind in my movie viewing, but this movie was released 11 days before Christmas, crazy, crazy times and then Hubby had been on-call for work, there was no way I was going to see this without him, divorce, as simple as that I am sure. Or possibly an unmarked grave somewhere out bush 😛 (only kidding).

So for those who know me and follow this blog, I love my fantasy and sci-fi and what is sci-fi without Star Wars? (Or Star Trek, but that is a discussion for another day). Sitting in the movies and seeing the opening sequence took me back to when I was 9 years old sitting in the cinema in Rosebud on holidays watching a movie I knew nothing about and quite frankly didn’t want to, I probably wanted to see Benji (you remember the dog); I did see it eventually, but by then I was a converted Star Wars fan.

Knowing Carrie Fisher is dead was bittersweet, but I still enjoyed this movie immensely. No Spoilers I promise…I may drop a hint or two and those who have seen it will understand. I still feel a little lost with the new characters and perhaps I need to watch this new bunch of heroes a few times, I am possibly too connected to the old ones, I get like that in a series, emotionally connected to fictional characters; don’t judge me I know I am not alone here.

The Plot was fairly Lucasfilms, but you can see where Disney jumped in and put its stamp on it, not saying this is a bad thing, just that it has been Disneyfied (I think I just made that up) compared to previous movies. I love how they have muddied up right and wrong more than ever, but it is essentially as always good vs evil, right vs wrong. What I did not expect was the element of humor added to the plot, reminiscent of earlier days in some respects. Not 100% sold on the additional cuteness factor (refer Disneyfied), OH I know Star Wars has always had its critters, but they were creepy, edgy and freaky, OK, OK so the Ewoks were cute, but they were warrior bears (or whatever), The Last Jedi brings a new element to the cuteness factor, and not in a Jar Jar Binks way either.

Every time there is a shift in the force, a change of the guard as it were, characters come and go, much as they do in real life, in real battles and struggles, still it is always hard to watch; Obi Kenobi, Yoda, Han and in some ways even Darth Vadar. Old friends stop by and are joined by new ones who pick up the baton and continue the fight. Because even though this is called the last Jedi, there is the talk of a new trilogy in the making. One wonders how far it can be taken beyond the realms of the original stories before it becomes something it never was and not as much-loved as the original movies.


So without giving anything away, did I enjoy it? Yes, the characters are a joy, especially the droids, always amongst my favorites, I did giggle and was even shocked on occasion or two. It is a great action film, lots of explosions and fight scenes and the lightsaber is never too far away. I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars, only for the fact that seeing the opening sequence of a Star Wars film for the very first time in a big cinema, can never be replicated, and quite frankly this time they never really tried.

Hopefully, I have not spoilt anything for you, if you have not seen this movie yet (or any of them), those that have, feel free to message me your thoughts, always love to hear someone else’s take on a great movie.

~ Julz