Tuesday’s Textures

My take on Shakespeare’s Ophelia, certainly not an original idea or story, but hopefully an original take on the image and this small part of the story. I went for something a little softer and perhaps a bit dreamy. It is a sad, dark tale with an unhappy ending, but I still think that sometimes beauty can be found in death and darkness.


Ophelia was found drowned after hearing the news of her Father’s Murder. Did she fall, did she jump, or was she pushed?

“For the first time in her existence, she knew she was drowning and she wasn’t thinking about survival” – Christine Feehan, Water Bound

“So I was a stone in the sea. Gravity gave up on keeping me above the surface. I did not try to swim and so I sank to the bottom with no will to turn back. “I’m tired,” I told him. “I’m done”. But he wouldn’t let me and held me up even on his darkest days and he was a lighthouse when all I saw was darkness” – Charlotte Eriksson.

~ Julz

Model – Jess Ami