Food Photography – Salt and Pepper

Last week I shared some Food Photography photos on the blog and a recipe, and it was very well received, so I thought while I am away I might share some more with you (although, sorry no new recipe). The bowls used are quite small, perhaps 10-15cm diameter, but so perfect for this shoot. Rock-salt, peppercorns and red chili flakes, staples from my pantry. All shot with the Sony on vintage timber crate or antique timber worktable, lovely and grungy, with natural light and a reflector only.

Used a soft, pale timber breadboard for the base in this last shot. All shots at ISO100, between F/4.5 and F/7.2, except the last shot at F/18, trying to get at least the first two bowls in focus.

Perhaps next time I can prepare a receipt or two, as for now you can check out a link to my famous spinach dip, unfortunately, I can no longer find Tofutti that is mentioned and use a Lactose-Free Cream Cheese. I make on average 2- 3 kgs of this each Summer and Christmas period and anywhere we are invited I am always asked to bring some…yep it’s that good!

~ Julz