In the Studio with Jess Ami Part 2

I guess it really isn’t part 2, Jess and I have shot many times over the last 12 months, but this is part 2 of our most recent shoot. Jess really wanted to try a Milk Bath, as she had never done one, I had done one before, but learned from last time and wanted to try things a little different. Still in a kiddie pool in the studio, still with Almond Milk, but this time with a lot more natural light and a white background instead of black, I also doubled the amount of Almond Milk to last time. I also used Chrystanmums and rose petals instead if Carnations.

Here is a behind the scenes shot from my phone, you can see the bottom of the studio window in the background and to the left is the big open door for lots of natural light.


It was also quite warm (Summer here remember), but I did add some hot water to the pool as the tap water was still quite cold! Unlike last time, I did not end up in the pool and stayed perfectly dry…see I am learning lol.

One day I may try it in the bath, however, I find the kiddie pool, much easier to work with.

~ Julz