Share Your World – 9th January 2018

I missed last week’s SYW, so I will add them in here too. I was really busy spending time with my daughter and exploring another wonderful Australian city.

Do you prefer a bath or shower? Most definitely a shower, I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a bath, it’s been years. I do, however, love a good soak in the spa, especially on a cold night, or alternatively if the spa is turned down on a hot day.

What do you do to make a living or during the day? If you are retired what mostly occupies your day? Or if you are a student what are you studying? 9-5 Monday – Friday I am a graphic designer/ sales/ marketing/ team coordinator. Mostly it is quite boring consumer electronics stuff. I do get plenty of time to work on my own projects and such, so I really cannot complain too much. A one point I really wanted to get out and find another job, now I really don’t mind so much.

Is there a stuffed animal in your bedroom? Yes, there is actually, 3 small Looney Toon characters my children brought back from holiday adventures of there own.

What one word describes you best? Stubborn? Imaginative or Creative? Honestly, one word is way too hard



What is set as the background on your computer? At Home, it is my Orchid image (on its side), at work, it is just some random waterfall image, I don’t think it is even my own pic. I never look at it as I always have files open or programs runnings

If you have been to a foreign country name those you have been too? 
I went to a lot of European countries as a kid, but cannot remember them all so I will discount those and just the ones I have visited as an adult; Bali, New Zealand, USA (Hawaii). We have traveled quite a bit throughout Australia as well.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week? I got to spend some time with my daughter in her new home in Brisbane. I have not seen or hugged her since September and I miss her dearly. But she is a grown woman with her own life and her own family and must make her own way in the world. Still, it was wonderful to see her happy and thriving and huggable 🙂

I also got to meet her new puppy and kitten and see the sights around lovely Brisbane, QLD.

~ Julz