Summer Outings – Grants Picnic Ground

Another Summer tradition, I seem to have so many, but when you live so close to so many gorgeous spots to visit, why not? Grants Picnic Ground, is a lovely spot in the Dandenong Ranges (Near Olinda) for a picnic, they have lovely bush walks, a small cafe and gift shop, but the big draw card is the native bird feeding. It used to be rosellas, lorikeets, Major Mitchel parrots (I swear I remember big black parrots here), but now it all seems to be sulfur-crested cockatoos. But for me, the big drawcard is hanging back and watching the tourists. Seriously, there are signs everywhere in many different languages saying not to touch the birds, they are wild birds, even if they SEEM tame, they are not.

The screams when one of these big buggers suddenly lands on someone, or swamps the bowl of feed they are holding, hilarious. And then when they try to pat one and it nips…oh the noise. You never knew I had such an evil streak, did you???????????

Sulfur crested cockatoo, yes they look sweet and cute, but they are actually quite big and that beak is nasty. They may appear friendly, but that is all an act, they can be quite nasty and they can also be very loud.

The noise from the screaming tourists can be quite loud too, one guy was literally freaking out when a bird landed on him


I should have videoed this guy, he was hilarious…like I said, mean aren’t I? hehehehehe (cue evil villain laugh).

~ Julz