Friday Furbaby – Meet Kira

This is my 13-week old Grandbaby, Kira (she was 12 weeks old when I took these photos), she is a Leonberger and beautiful. She was born in New Zealand and flown to Brisbane to her new forever home with my daughter and her husband. As you can see from the photos, she is not a little puppy and at last weigh-in (12-weeks) was 14kg, Leonbergers grow to approx 65-80kg and can be anything up to 7-8 feet tall when standing upright. My daughter is only 5’2″ so she will be dwarfed by her own dog!

She eats and poops a lot, she loves water and hates the sun (all that fur? I would hate it too), she loves to chase things and bites everything! Her favorite toys are her squeaky bone, blanky and the cat…yes they also have a 13-week old kitten, they are becoming very good friends and love to play rough together, although the dog gets a bit too rough with the cat at times.


My Baby Girl, with her baby girl!

As with most pups, she will be considerably bigger the next time I see here, and no longer such a sweet baby, although hopefully she will be better trained by then 😛

~ Julz