Tuesday’s Texture – Summer Holidays

On a recent holiday to the sunkissed beaches in Brisbane (QLD, Australia), I took several images which grabbed my attention and imagination, as idyllic and iconic Australian Summer scenes; sand, sea, and blue skies. It has started a new series of art prints, titled Summer Holidays. I wanted to give them brighter colors than I would normally use, more painterly, less exact details, soft, yet bright. A bit of a break from my normal dark and moody. Here are the first three images, I am not sure how many I will create…


JuliePowell_Summer Holidays
Summer Holidays – Swim between the Flags

The yellow and red surf living saving flags are an iconic image for Australian Beaches, the tireless efforts of the Australian Surf Life Savers, across many beaches keep thousands of swimmers safe, as long as you swim between the protection of these flags.

JuliePowell_Return from the Sea
Return from the Sea

The green sea turtles returning from the sea to the rookeries (Nests) on beaches around the southern tip of Great Barrier Reef.

JuliePowell_The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse

Not quite as common as along the Victorian coastline, there are still a few, mostly from what we saw, were not quite as pretty as this nor of many of Victoria’s long list of Sandstone or bluestone Lighthouses.

~ Julz