Exploring Brisbane – Day 2

We rose early as we had a big day planned and drove the one hour to Australia Zoo, the home of the original Crocodile Hunter and Wildlife Warrior, Steve Irwin. We went there about 13 years ago, the Irwins still lived there, Steve was still alive and Bob was a baby (just celebrated his 14th birthday). We were privileged to have Steve himself host our Croc and Baby Tiger Cubs show in the Crocoseum, while they filmed “This is your Life” for TV. Who knew a few short years later, Steve Irwin would be dead? The Zoo is over 100 acres of lush tropical vegetation and meandering pathways through various habitats, Africa, Asia, Australia. Bindi’s Island with free-ranging Lemurs, and of course loads of reptiles and crocs. We, of course, watched the animal encounter at the Crocoseum and the tiger show at the Tiger Temple, we have apparently been spoilt for views, choice, and access in Bali, but still lovely to watch. It was hot and sticky and humid and we were exhausted by the time the park closed, and very much in need of a cold drink and air con to cool down.

I have so many action shots from the Crocseum, but I might give them another post, as I am still to edit them and make mini movies!

On the way back to Brisbane we drove through the Glass House Mountains and went up to the lookout. It is a group of 13 Hills that rise abruptly on the plains of the Sunshine Coast, the highest is Mt Beerwah (556m above sea level) and the most well known is probably Mt Tibrogargan or Mt Ngungun and mostly consists of subvolcanic rock (Not even sure what that means exactly?). But it started to rain, again, so we decided to head home. We got caught up in a massive multi-car crash (we were not involved, just stuck)  and it took such a long time to get home. We had dinner and spent the evening catching up and watching 80s movies (Top Gun & Ghostbusters).

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~ Julz

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