Exploring Brisbane – Day 3

We rose early again (6am), to try and beat the heat and drove out exploring while the Kids were still asleep. First stop was Redcliffe and Woody Point to see HMQS Gayundah, a shipwreck right on the water’s edge, amid the High Rise buildings. At 7am the weather was lovely and cool and there were very few people out, bonus.

We then lost quite a bit of time by driving an hour in the wrong direction to reach our next stop, somehow we managed to punch in the Airport into the GPS and didn’t realize until we were almost back at the airport 😦 . We eventually realized and turned around and headed back up North to Dicky Beach. Now I could be wrong, but I have vague memories of a big wreck right on the sand, that we visited when I was a kid. Sadly, no wreck. There was, but not now, SS Dicky grounded on what is now Dicky Beach in 1893, but was then dug up and relocated in 2014, as the powers that be deemed it a public safety hazard. But it was a lovely beach, as it was now getting quite hot, we did not stay long and left it to all the families out to enjoy a day at the beach.

We then drove to Caloundra (another spot I remember from my childhood) and the lighthouse, now also surrounded by Highrise buildings. Making our way back to Brisbane we stopped at Nudgee Beach, which was lovely and cool, despite being mostly a mangrove swamp. We then stopped in at Home for a rest, catch up and break from the heat before heading out again, much later in the afternoon.


After dinner, we headed back up to Mount Coot-tha to see if we could get a sunset and some city views, as the clouds had begun to clear, unfortunately by the time we got there the clouds had closed back in and it was drizzling again. All we got was (wet) grey skies, mist, and rain. We got coffee and dessert and tried to wait it out, but it was just no go and got even worse, at one point we could no longer see the city!

~ Julz

Next Week; Redlands, Southbank & the Super Moon

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