In the Studio – a brand new year

The Studio is looking a little cold, empty and forlorn at the moment, December and January can be a bit extreme for A) weather and B) also trying to find people with available time, I am no exception. So, January for me has been a planning month. This week I have organized costumes and booked three shoots, and have organized costume for another shoot, date still to be arranged. I have also done one scouting trip and have been trying to get approval to shoot in one location. Failing approval I might shoot in the studio and do a composite shot. I am also looking for Male models, harder than it seems, I would love some rugged types and older guys as well. I don’t really want young pretty boys (but some of my models do).

  • In the next few months, I plan on finishing my Dapper Rabbit series, which was put on the shelf for far too long, he is begging for just a few more shots.
  • I also need to put in some more time on my Tarot Series, most of the Major Arcana are already done and only have a few left to do. I am still a little stuck on some of the Minor Arcana, but at least now I have most of the props arranged.
  • I have a few smaller Conceptual Portraits in the works, looking at models, locations, and costumes.
  • I am also just starting to map out and arrange a whole brand new series, so that is also something exciting, not giving away anything as yet, but hopefully, you will see something soon.

Just a few images from more recent shoots late 2017, cannot wait to get started back in the studio again. It’s only been a few weeks, but it feels so much longer.

~ Julz