Friday Furbaby – Meet Malfy

Last week I featured my daughters new Puppy Kira, a 12 week old Leonberger, this week it’s the other baby a 12 week old Blue Russian X called Malfy, technically Malfy belongs to my Son in Law. Malfy is some reference to Anime and being the Boss, but I have no idea (Oi…..makes me sound old), but he is SOOOO cute and adorable. Malfy is very friendly and loves a good cuddle when he is not being a rambunctious kitten. Other times he is a psychotic terror and all teeth and claws. Remember those needle-like claws of a kitten? Ouch!

He likes to play with his mouse and this feather on a stick, but he really loves to play with the dog. He launches at the dog until the dog chases him and picks him up. The cat is frequently covered in dog slobber and spends a good deal of time cleaning his fur, then jumps into the fray again, and yet gets covered in slobber, again! It’s a continuous cycle, slobber, clean, slobber. Occasionally Kira (the dog) gets a bit too excited and being 10 times the weight (literally Malfy is 1.5kg and Kira 15kg), poor little Malfy needs rescuing, but they do enjoy each others company. Even if Kira is outside, Malfy will sit by the window and they play with each other from opposites sides of the glass…so cute!

Sadly, Malfy will also have grown when I see him next time, and no longer such a cute kitten, but a lanky adolescent, I hope he still gives such wonderful cuddles…oh and can this little guy purr, so loud! It melts your heart.

~ Julz