Monday Musings

Busy, busy, busy, yep I’m back in the swing of things, so hot here, 40-45C in Melbourne Thursday and Friday (I cannot remember was it Wednesday as well?) It was still hot, regardless. Our aircon on cue died on Friday while I was home with a migraine! Calls put in but Friday is a bad day to get tradies. Hopefully, hear something today or tomorrow.

So my week of planning paid off and I feel like I have at least the next month planned out, including another brief weekend trip away, but more on that later.

So Saturday afternoon was a girls catch up, no pics and no tales to tell, but lovely to catch up with everyone (in airconditioned comfort). Then Saturday evening we met a group of photographers (large group this time approx 45 people) in a car park in Melbourne to shoot the city lights. We were spread over 3 stories and was such a fun night. Hubby and I also went down to Lorrimer Street to get some shots of the Westgate Bridge, granted not as pretty as Brisbane’s Story Bridge, or even many other Bridges around the world, or Australia, but it is Melbourne’s Bridge.


We finally made it home after midnight and fell into bed. Up early to get some chores out of the way on Sunday before driving out to the other side of the city for some balloon bursting fun for high-speed photography. Such a fun afternoon as well. Then the long drive back home where dinner was already in the slow cooker (after putting it on before we left)…heaven.

Obviously, I’ll post more pics later…a quick cull reduced 500 images to 100 (from Sunday), most of which are interesting, but more as textures, and 88 down to 13 for Saturday night.

It was nice to just get out and about and shoot some fun photography, just for the fun of it. I hope you all have an amazing week, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. I am back at work for 4 days and then another long weekend, yay!

~ Julz