Tuesday’s Textures – Tarot Update

I decided last week that I really need to get a few series back into the rotation and get some more work done on them. One such series is my Tarot Cards.

I only have a few of the Major Arcana left, but I did manage to cross off two more

JUliePowell_Wheel of Fortune
Tarot – Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune signifies; Destiny, fortune, success, luck.


JuliePowell_The Chariot
Tarot – The Chariot

The Chariot – Card 7, Signifies: Succor, Providence, war, triumph, presumption, vengeance, and trouble

I had been having some trouble with these two particular cards, but when you put something aside and come back to it, sometimes new inspiration will hit, as it did with these two. I hopefully have a shoot coming up this weekend for a few more.

~ Julz