Summer Outings – Summer Nights, City Lights

The first outing with our Photography group we have been able to attend in 2018, I think there were one or two while we were in Brisbane, and they also now run a few during the week, that we cannot get to, due to work. So on a balmy, but much cooler Saturday night we all met up in a preselected city car park and spread over three levels we all set out tripods and cameras up to wait for dark, the sunset was non-existent, has had been pretty much all week, either no cloud or too much cloud.

The last three images were taken from another location, Lorrimer Street, to get some shots of Melbourne’s Westgate Bridge and back towards the Esso Plant and Pier 35. Granted Westgate Bridge is not as pretty as Brisbane’s Story Bridge, or many other bridges around the world, or even in Australia, but it is ours. In total we apparently had about 40, almost a group record, some thought it may have been more, but they did a count, just to check 🙂

Such a fun night out, we ended up home around midnight, and tried to sleep in a hot stuffy house…miss my aircon already!

~ Julz