Monday’s Musings

Do ever just wake up and think, wow my life is pretty friggin awesome? I had a few flat weeks when I went back to work full time, but now I’m back. I had an epiphany last week and as a result I spent several days completely rebuilding my Contemporary Portraits Website, IG and Facebook, I am still in the process of rebuilding my Graphic Design and Artists website, but I feel like I have accomplished something huge, plus a whole shift in my thinking, but more on that a bit later. If you are curious you can check out my new website here; 

Friday was Australia Day, it is becoming so political and so hateful, honestly, the day is about Australians, as a WHOLE, it’s not about ‘Invasion Day’ seriously folks it was awful, yes but it happened so long ago, people on both sides died, but it had nothing to do with who we are NOW. It is just perpetuating the Victim Mentality. There is enough violence in the world without adding to it. Just think WHERE would we be if it had NEVER Happened? OK, sure I get it not everyone will agree, but I am over it, don’t care…RANT OVER!

So, we stayed at home, I never even left the house, we had some close friends over, we had a quiet BBQ (yes I even put lamb on the BBQ for once, lol), and then we hopped in the spa and relaxed, a few drinks, some good conversation and lots of laughs, that’s HOW it should be done. I then followed this up on Saturday, by driving my Mum and Dad down to my Cousin’s house in Leopold (near Geelong), for a lovely, long relaxed BBQ with all my relatives from that side, Aunt, Cousins, 2nd and 3rd Cousins, kids and such. Lovely. By the time we got home, it was late, we grabbed a quick bite and watched TV all night.

Sunday – I lost my models this weekend, ALL of them, Hayley, Jess, Jayde, I think even Ruby may have been there…all of them were working at a car event, classic cars and gorgeous girls with legs for miles…can’t you just see it? Good for them I say. I would like to think I had a hand in furthering their modeling careers. But, where does that leave me? Well, I put a call out for some new faces, and Alex answered that call.





180cm or 6’2″ (whichever system you prefer) tall, hazel green eyes, Russian born Tennis Player, turned Tennis Coach, just started getting into modeling, sorry ladies…Alex is already married.  It was so hot over the weekend and Sunday was the worst, it hovered around 38C for most of the day, so we met in the studio in the morning, while it was still cool and only shot for one hour, I think we managed to cover quite a lot, added a few pictures to my Tarot Series, and Alex got some great headshots for his Portfolio, win-win.

Powell-Julie_King Alex
King Alex

Can’t wait to show you the final edits. It was a fun shoot and so nice to meet another lovely model, polite, friendly, easy going and takes direction well. I think you may see more of him.

I hope you have a lovely week, we are still sweltering under a very hot Summer Sun, I fear it won’t be long till we have another bout of bushfires. Stay Safe where ever you are.

~ Julz