Summer Outings – Balloon Bursting Fun

I was recently invited to go shoot some high action balloon bursting photography, with some fellow Togs, I had not done it before, I guess I knew the principles behind it, just had never really attempted it. I have recently discovered the High-Speed Burst Mode on my camera as well, as opposed to normal fast shooting or continuous shooting.

It was a hot, humid Summer day and there was lots of cloud cover, there was about ten of us in the group (Including Moth), essentially we set up a backdrop stand in a park, one of the Photographers lived across the road from this park, so we would fill up standard party balloons with water and some food dye, then fill up a wheelbarrow full and take them over to the park. Using string we tied each balloon to the backdrop stand and then threw a dart to pop the balloons. Now THAT is the hard part! A few tried, I didn’t even bother, I have no hand-eye coordination for that sort of thing and placing a dart in my hands is just asking for trouble. We were very fortunate in having an actual dart champion who came along to watch, offer to throw the darts.

Not much else to tell you, camera settings ISO100, F/5.6, shutter speed varied between 1/1250 – 1/3600, essentially I pretty much turned the camera to Shutter Priority mode and let the camera do its thing. I did notice in this mode my Sony@7ii was a little dark. I shot with both 28-70mm and 18 – 200mm.

To be honest, it all boils downs to good luck on the actual shots, everyone is different, the featured image nicknamed the ‘hairy lip’, I really only got one all day. I shot over 500 images this day, instantly culled 400 and then with final edit ended up with about 40, and 5 really great shots. I guess I can call it a successful day.

~ Julz