In the Studio – Introducing Alex

I decided recently to put a call out again from a male model, always get a few strange responses, but then occasionally, you get gold. Meet Alexei Barnikov, Russian born, was a Pro Tennis player, now a Tennis Coach, 6’2″ or 180cm, green hazel eyes, oh and ladies…he is also married. Alex is just starting out in modeling and I thought I would give him a try.

We met early on a stinking hot Sunday Morning and the weather only got worse, make me wish I had AC in the studio – only have a fan 😦 but we soldiered through, as it was our first shoot and because it was so hot, we only shot for an hour, did a few more images for my Tarot series, and a couple of conceptual portraits; all which I still need to edit. But I also did some headshots for his folio as payment.

Not too shabby huh? A quick tidy up in Photoshop and they are near perfect. I am pretty sure we will be seeing Alex again soon. Can’t you just see a Calvin Klein type shoot?

~ Julz