Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved

This week’s WPC is Beloved, there are two things in my life which are cherished above all my worldly possessions; my daughters and my animals. My Love of animals is deeply ingrained in my daughters and as such their connection with their animals, their fur babies (for neither of them have actual children as yet), is deep and truly beautiful to see. The first photos is my youngest daughter with her new pup Kira, Kira was 12 weeks old when this image was taken


This second image is my eldest daughter, relaxing and spending a candid moment with my dog, Chloe on her lap and her dog Buddy, by her side. You cannot necessarily see the dog’s faces, but their stance is calm, relaxed and completely at ease, as is hers.

Kali and Dogs

This last one is just my eldest daughter again and her dog Buddy, her most cherished companion, he is getting older and slowing down (as is my Chloe), but the love in his eyes when he greets you at the door, truly melts your heart.

~ Julz