Monday Musings

Such a productive week, this past week, I feel like I have really settled into a new routine. I have been doing some online workshops in regards to not only Photography, but business and marketing and have been having several Ah Ha! moments. Isn’t it amazing how shifting your thinking to something can change your whole outlook? More soon, things are still in development stage.

Friday Moth and I celebrated 27 years of marriage, but spending most of it apart, lol. He was on call this week and had to work Friday night, but it is all good, we are going away in a few weeks for a lovely weekend getaway instead. It is also the anniversary of the loss of a dear friend, nine years gone. Sad, but not as crippling as it used to be.

I also won two Special Merit awards for Light Space & Time “Cityscapes’ exhibit, not usually my genre, but was very happy. Dawn over Princes Bridge and Story Bridge by Night.

Saturday I had the most amazing day with model jess and Hair and Makeup Micaela, we did not one, but two shoots, fabulous. Honestly the more the three of us work together it gets better and better.


Powell-Julie_Marilyn_Jess Ami-42
Marilyn Monroe inspired theme – Jess

Powell-Julie_Sad Clown

The other we are just calling Sad Clown, for now, it is beautiful and creative and poetic and moving…as per usual will post more later.

Sunday, well Sunday was Desley Day! we have not seen each other since before Christmas, too long. We met for lunch, a chat a catch up and some idea sounding…is that even a thing. We have this tendency to bounce ideas off each other and to push each other forward. She has such an amazing knack for marketing, while I tend to organize everything to death lol. To be able to spend time with another maker, a creative, but a career woman is great. Sure I have other friends, but more often its travel or kids. I mean sure I chat about that stuff with Desley too, but it’s different. Now o am getting all mushy! lol. Anyway apart from eating and inspiring each other and talking absolute nonsense and jumping around all over the place (we do that a lot too!), Desley took me to buy my first KikkK Planner, I am a newbie to the world of Planning, hopefully, will ease into it 🙂

I guess I will get around to posting pics of that too, oh and I bought a new coffee mug to match my Fall in love with your life coffee mug…..oh my planner is from that range too! must be fate. So if you are a planner, hit me up with some cool stuff. Which reminds me, if you are into planning have you seen Desley’s new Youtube channel? cool and cute!!

So no pics from Sunday a totally camera free day, but so needed. I also spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with another friend as well. And that’s the week over…

This week is phase 2 of getting my butt and my business into gear, I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz, xo