Tuesday’s Textures – Random Thoughts & Snippets

Ever had so many thoughts running through your brain, you just can’t settle, like fish flopping around. Buried within that is inspiration and ideas running at a million miles an hour? I found I was suffering a little burn-out post-Christmas, I kept thinking up ideas, but could never just settle. January is not only the start of a new year, it can also be a time of renewal. We had hot summer days, Holidays and time spent with family and friends.

JuliePowell_Random thoughts & Snippets
Random thoughts & Snippets

I took a whole month off from trying to force creativity and just let myself be. Trying to force your Muse to do anything is never going to work and well…she deserves a holiday too!

So what is left? When your mind is clear and your bag of tricks is empty, perhaps it gives you a chance to brainstorm and wrangle those errant ideas into something special. Inspiration can light the path forward and open up new ideas not thought of before.

Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire – StCatherine of Sienna.

I love this quote and even though we are now in February, my year is filled with drive and passion for new ideas and projects. I have created a whole new website for my Digital Design and Artistry, completely separate from my Portrait Photography Business. Feel free to pop over to wither and check them out, share them around even. If you are a lover of my Texture Packs, they are temporarily down, but I hope to have some exciting new stuff up there soon. I hope you are filled with joy and hope and passion as well.

Have a lovely week…

~ Julz

P.S. Model – Alex Barnikov, shot in studio and then composited into a photo I took in the You Yangs last year. Obviously the musical bag of tricks and flying fish are pure fantasy and digital artistry 🙂