In the Studio with Marilyn Monroe

Back in the studio this week with Jess Ami for not one, but two photo shoots. They are both so very different so I will give each its own post. As I have been talking about all week I am putting quite a bit of focus on my Portrait Photography business at the moment, building up clientele, marketing, re-branding, a new website and such. I hope in the next week or so to do a really big push to get more bookings in. In the meantime, I have been portfolio building, for myself, Jess and Hair and Makeup artists Micaela from Glam to Perfection. I wanted to focus on some creative glamour portraits, not just amazing photos, but a fun, pamper session. So we came up with Marilyn Monroe styled theme, how very glamorous.


“These are incredible, thank you for making me look and feel so good, I needed that” – Jess Ami

Jess admitted she had been feeling low all week, losing a bit of self-confidence, we’ve all been there, right? She was so excited when she arrived at the studio, and by the time Micaela finished her hair and makeup, Jess looked every bit the part of glamorous Marilyn Monroe, something Jess had always secretly wanted to do. Now she has an amazing set of portraits to remind her daily that she truly is beautiful inside and out!

Sneak Peek

I showed Jess some of the images from the back of the camera…and then took this one, that smile says it all…

Powell-Julie_Marilyn_Jess Ami-39

All shot on the Sony@7ii with either the 50mm or 28-70mm at approx F/2.8 – F/5 in natural light, some shot with backlit and reflector.

Just remember;

  • You are enough
  • Fall in love with your life
  • Let me show you your beautiful (every one of us is different)

~ Julz

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