Monday’s Musings

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance

I have been reading some inspirational quotes and Mantras, that can’t be such a bad thing. I have decided on a Monday Mantra…you know me and naming things with the same letter lol. I thought I might share one with you. I really like this one by Oscar Wilde and it’s true, but I never really understood it, until I’ve lived quite possibly half a lifetime.

So what else have I been up to? I seriously have done nothing else all weekend but sorting & planning, Saturday Morning I launched my Make Me Shine Promotion and announced my first workshop for 2018, so that made for a busy morning. Tickets are already selling, so that’s a great start.

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Well, as there were no shoots this weekend, I decided it was time to do a bit of organizing. We bought more shelving and then had to pull everything out, sort and repack and put everything back in. Two days of back-breaking labor, but so good now it is all done (well mostly). I have even put matching stuff in crates and tubs and labeled them all! Amazing – or I hope it will be when I go looking for something.

Still going! Such a mess, who knew I had so much STUFF! I bought a new clothes hanger stand on a trolly, I thought it was a great idea – it lasted all of 30 minutes before it, bent, then broke and finally buckled under the weight of those ballgowns…oh dear back for a refund and to find something of much stronger stuff.


I have a big shoot tonight for the Dapper Rabbit series, hopefully, get out the last two images required (as long as I can get all the junk sorted in the studio, not much left to go now and Hubby is home to help). This shoot is one that has been booked and canceled too many times already, fingers crossed it all runs smoothly.

I have a Maternity shoot on the weekend for the lovely Miss Teena, such an honor to do a glamour shoot for her. She will be 36 weeks (I think), fingers crossed. It is always such a gamble, trying to arrange shoots around that time, women often go into labor early. I am no Midwife, but my Friend Sue is, lol. Just because I have given birth twice, doesn’t mean I know (or remember) what to do!

Well not much else to report at the moment, better get back to sorting the rest of the stuff in the studio out. I hope you all have an amazing week.

~ Julz, xo