In the Studio – Clown Tres Triste

My french is terrible, but according to Google, this is as close to correct as I will probably get – “The very sad clown”. I was inspired by a photo by Michal Magdziak, Harlequin, a few months ago and I embarked on months of planning. Props, Model, Hair and Makeup, costumes had to be decided and then made and/or bought. I had no idea at the time Michal had done a whole series too, but I have thanked him for sparking my imagination. He actually wrote back and said he was impressed, he humble said he just took pictures, I had made art!

We often show our “happy” face to the outside world, while keeping our true feelings and inner torments to ouselves. The very sad clown depicts a social statement on how people are perceived, many people hide away their inner pain with a smile, or pretend to be happy while inside they are crying. Some are screaming from the inside and act all loud and full of life. This is not neccessarily a statement on mental health, but a juxtapostion on everyday facts of life. We think other people often just don’t care and do not want to ‘know’ our troubles, so we keep them to ourselves. It becomes such a force of habit for some people they forget how to let their guard down, when someone does care enough to ask. Clowns are perceived as something fun and happy, but even a clown can be sad, lonely and have a bad day. It is normal and nothing to be ashamed about.

This is also a story about a clown who dreamed of more, she dreamed of being a ballerina. Our dreams can inspire us to life bigger and better lives, if we have the courage to persue them, bringing to mind the quote – “Don’t dream your life away, live your dream…”

Model – Jess Ami, Hair & Makeup by Micaela Hannan, from Glam to Perfection. You can watch the video where I put it all together with a beautiful soundtrack by Adrina Thorpe.

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~ Julz

P.S. Happy St Valentines Day xoxo