Monday Musings

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Monday Mantra

Where to start? Dad had a nasty fall, hit his head and spent the week in the hospital, with a bleed on the brain. All good (well mostly) and he is now home. I finally cut back at work and went from Full-time to permanent part-time, had my first shorter week last week. Spent Friday, waiting for a delivery for most of the day, I arranged an AM delivery which finally turned up about 3pm! Frustrating, but I did manage to finish cleaning up and packing away stuff in the studio, I did a few mini studio Still Life shoots (featuring my Valentine Roses), finished off a new ShowReel video and did some marketing and stuff for my website.

Powell-Julie_Valentine Roses-4

I spent some of Friday and Saturday selling off some old storage and shelves from the studio. Honestly, some people are great, say they want it, turn up when they say they will, are pleasant and they pay what you both agreed. Then there are the painful ones, honestly, I am charging peanuts for old stuff I don’t want, and you want to bargain, or not even turn up or try to be an arsehole about the deal – what is with people these days?

So, Saturday I spent a little bit of time painting some new backdrops for the studio, but Hubby is like let’s go to Harvey’s (a big Aussie chain store) as he wants a new office chair…we came home with a drone! Yes, I said a drone, I knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time. The price had dropped, there was a big sale on and he even got the chair at 2/3 off! So now we are proud owners of a Mavic Pro Drone, nicknamed Defiant1. Defiant seemed fitting for so many reasons; we may lose a drone or two, hubby is defiant (lol, seriously I am not mad, quite excited actually), also it is a Star Trek reference.


We made a joke of by posting this image and he said, “Honey, I bought you roses!” It was quite a fun afternoon on Social Media, hilarious comments back and forth; I pretended I was mad and didn’t know πŸ˜› I actually paid for the silly thing. I will leave the set up to Hubby, looks complicated, I just want to beautiful footage, once we get it going!

Sunday, was another Contemporary Glamour shoot in the studio, which ended up cancelled at the 11th hour, my Dapper Rabbit shoot from last Monday night fell through too, so I haven’t done a portrait in nearly two weeks! Not that I could have anyway, clearing out and repacking everything in the studio was a full week and a big commitment! So it is nice to be back in action, lovely new backdrops, lots of room and a clean uncluttered area to shoot…well that’s the plan.

On Saturday, it was officially announced that I am one of the guest presenters for Australian Photographic Society Conference in Sept 2018 – APSCON2018, yep that’s my name in lights, well so to speak. All very exciting, yet terrifying at the same time.

So this week, I have two photo shoots on Saturday to contend with, Miss Chloe dog needs a minor operation to remove a growth on her butt! My friend Sue & I are off to see Priscilla the Musical, a friends daughter is graduating from the Police Academy, and probably much more.

I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz