Share Your World – 20th Feb 2018

How do you like your eggs? Fake! Ever since I had my gallbladder removed about 20 years ago, I can no longer eat eggs, they make me very sick. Something about high protein food makes me very sick. It’s a shame, I used to love eggs and things made with eggs. My fav was poached egg on toast with vegemite and cheese and occasionally some avocado. Yummy. Sadly these days any baking I do is with fake egg substitute, between the whole gluten, dairy, egg free scenario, baking really is no fun and things don’t taste as yummy as they should. 😦

Have you ever met anyone famous?Β Several people actually, whether any of them are famous outside Australia and England I am not sure. I have met most of the cast from Neighbours (early years) as I worked on the show behind the scenes; Kylie Minogue, Craig McLauchlin, a few others. They were not very famous back then. Of worldwide standing? I don’t think so, surely I would remember them?

What was the first thing you bought with your own money?Β Isn’t terrible, I am not 100% sure, I vaguely remember the first year I could buy Christmas presents for my family, I felt wonderful to be able toΒ give gifts I had purchased with my own money. Was I thanked? No, mostly I was admonished for spending money, it made me feel hurt and angry, why can’t people just say thank you?. I guess that’s why I am so funny about gifts, now. But the first thing I bought myself was a KISS record album, I was obsessed with this rock band, back then.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Β Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.Β My Dad had a nasty fall and spent a week in the hospital, he is at home recovering, so I am grateful for that.


I guess the other item is this…this is Defiant1, Hubby bought his first drone…it was only a matter of time. This first day was spent charging everything up, the battery packs, the charger etc. Day 2, we were so busy with other stuff, poor Defiant1 didn’t get a look in. Day 3 was set up, log in, sync, etc, etc….by the time that was done it was so windy outside, we were not brave enough to attempt a maiden flight. Perhaps tonight after work? I am excited, thinking about our next few trips away, we are driving so we can take this little guy away with us. Tasmania will be awesome for some aerial shots, I think.

I hope you are all having an awesome week…

~ Julz