In the Studio…with Pears in a Crate

As my last two portrait shoots have been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, I spent a little bit of time in the studio with some Still Life. It was wonderful to get back to my ‘thing’ I adore Still Life and always have, it’s more often than not, something I do just for me. I guess my passion and love shine through, as people often remark at my images and my workshops are always booked out. I put a few on Social Media and someone commented that they knew these were my photos before they saw my name…that’s so nice to know I have a recognisable style. Anyway, I did three five-minute Regular Random sessions, so keep an eye out for those; using my beautiful red Valentine Roses, the first one is available here.

I had wanted to try out a few things for an upcoming workshop I am teaching, keeping it simple; three pears in a small crate on an old timber ladder and some simple neutral linen, backlight by afternoon light and a single reflector.

Moving myself and the camera up and down to achieve slightly different angles. The background of the window diffused with white curtains appears almost blown out once I adjusted the exposure for the pears and crate. I had to adjust nearly 2 full stops to get the correct exposure for the subject. It works the complete opposite when working with dark and moody, you have to underexpose as the camera sees everything as dark and tries to compensate. See, people are still smarter than cameras…sometimes 🙂

Pears 4x4

This one, same crate and pears, same linen, added hessian and placed on the floor for a flat lay, natural light from the top and left, reflector on right. Slightly different camera settings (underexposed, correctly exposed) and slightly different post-processing. Essentially same image, 4 ways.

Hopefully, next week I will have something a little more creative and human to show you, not that these aren’t pretty to look at, too.

~ Julz