Tech Talk – Sony 28mm-70mm Lens


This is the kit lens that came with my Sony a7ii mirrorless DSLR Camera, which I reviewed last week. This Sony 28-70mm (Model – SEL280) is a compact, lightweight general purpose zoom for Sony’s full-frame E-mount cameras, like the a7ii and A7Rii. There is a little controversy over it; apart from the metal mount and glass lens, it’s all made out of plastic. It is also quite cheap. That does not make it bad.

For the price it works very well as my go-to studio lens, if you are a pixel counting and thinks gear is better than technique, go buy the Zeiss lens, but I have been quite happy with it. Part of the reason I was moving to mirrorless was to drop the weight I am carrying around, and this plastic lens does that for me too. This lens is 10oz while the Zeiss equivalent is 15oz and three times the price! I’m not saying don’t buy the Zeiss Batis lens, but I love the amazing images coming from mine, so why not? If someone wants to offer me a Zeiss lens I will take it and compare! I am perfectly comfortable with my technique, I don’t feel I need expensive glass to compensate.

Basic Specifications

  • Lightweight, compact 35mm Full Frame standard zoom lens

  • 28-70mm zoom range and F/3.5–5.6 aperture

  • Built-in Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilisation

  • 7-blade circular aperture for beautiful defocusing

  • Dust and moisture resistant design

Want to check out the full specs? Visit the Sony Page here.  Here are some sample shots I took with this lens;

Granted it is not the widest angle lens (I got quite used to shooting with a 16mm – 85mm or 200mm), also it’s zoom range is not very far. But for my studio needs, it is perfect. I still have my 18-200mm for zoom and travel, even if it is a cropped sensor, but it is still pretty good. I wish the F/stop came up to F/2.8, but I have my 50mm Prime for that. With the money I saved buying this lens, I bought the 18-200mm and the 50mm Prime!

~ Julz