Furbaby Friday…

Just coz, it’s been awhile 🙂 Teddy (aka Ted E Bear), was being particularly cute the other evening, so I snapped some photos with my phone. So, please excuse the lower than normal picture quality and please excuse his manky eyes, it’s his hay fever season! Poor little mite gets runny eyes, nose and sneezes a lot.

Oh and the cushion placement? He puts the cushions there himself, that is NOT how I arrange them, and you can just see Zorro (the patch of black) in the background. Did I mention our cats do enjoy the AC on a hot day!

I also recently bought a new coffee mug, did I show you this one? I think I am developing a KikkK habit, I blame you Desley, xox.


Whatever you do, I hope you have an amazing weekend…

~ Julz